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From user to functional requirements

January 12, 2012

Following discussions with EDINA we have agreed on a catagorisaton of desired functionality: core (or ‘must-have’), optional (or ‘nice-to-have’) and out-of-scope.

Core functionality

  • Maps delivered in resolutions suitable for mobile devices
  • Map scroll-able, zoom-able to different levels of detail
  • Plotting of current location on the map using supplied GPS location
  • Plotting of location points on the map (to represent notebook entries)
  • Showing a walkable route plotted between multiple locations on the map
  • Browse of available location-points by category (taken from the catalogue – e.g. “Irish” or “butchers” etc.)
  • Notebook entry pages delivered to a page-turner (or some sequence of multiple pages) – linked through the location points plotted on the map
  • Notebook entries to have an email function (email me this page/location entry) for retrieval from a desktop

Optional functionality

  • Mash-ups with external content – e.g. the police street-level crime data API, or Yelp to determine which businesses listed in the notebooks are still present today
  • Crowdsourcing comments on location entries
  • Audio narrations of location entries or walks
  • A pub crawl walking route of pubs that existed at the time of the map/survey!


  • Transcription of notebook entries

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